Satveer + Priyanka

6 Day Festive Indian Wedding

I was about to shoot Priyanka’s haldi procession in her house when the TV announced the lockdown.

As you may know, Indian weddings have a lot of beautiful traditions that involve multiple days and a lot of people. This announcement surely affected us significantly. Not to mention Satveer and Priyanka have already postponed their day once. But what I saw at that time was their determination and their faith to go through this.

The family didn’t give up and try to tweak things around. Kudos to Sunaina, the relative-slash-planner, who responded really swiftly to make things happen. From changing the schedule, moving the venues, contacting all the guests and vendors, and countless other stuff. And what I could say is that this is one of the most beautiful and festive days we’ve ever had! Thank you, Satty and Pri, for having us capture your wedding days. We would never forget how kind and warm your family is.

A story 7 years in the making, no one can ever stop them.


Unfolded by Santo, Julius, and Vedro.

Shoutout to these amazing team:

Film: @papercranes_weddings

Photography: @ryanschembriphoto

Planner and stylist: @sealed.with.a.x

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