Nick + Cecily

A Hunter Valley Wedding

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As a fellow film geek, I was so excited to do their Same Day Edit when I knew they love Quentin Tarantino’s films. Especially when they mentioned about their “Pulp Fiction”-inspired first dance!

Cecily loves Nick as he is, his personality, his creativity, and also his interests in food, music, and opal stones. Their wedding bands have the opal that Nick carved by himself. Moreover, Cecily gave him a gift of opal gemmology course so the he can learn more and more. On top of that she also gave her a picture from their experience of stargazing together. Amazing.

"Paper Cranes is the gift that keeps on giving. We don't see ourselves as very photogenic but they worked with us and everything came easily. We had lots of laughs and our day was so memorable, all captured in film and photography... We will be forever grateful. "

Cecily Gaul

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