David + Clare

A Same Day Edit Experience in Canberra

Everybody is there. You have just gotten married and its coming towards the end of an amazing day. What if you had the chance to experience the emotion all over again? To see the day unfolds before you through the perspective of storytellers.

From the moment we met Clare and David the morning of their wedding, they showered the team with gentle care and kindness.

The vows they expressed to each other reminded us of the true meaning of love – they were raw, real and absolutely heartfelt. We felt David said it best; “it’s not about fitting into the perfect idea of love it’s about writing the story we want to write and writing it together”.

So many of us can fall into the trap of believing in an idea of love that may have come from books we’ve read, the movies we’ve watched or the music we listen to. Sometimes we need to let that idea go in order to write the real story of love, together with our life partner.

Armin Awan (Paper Cranes Videographer)

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